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Music Recorded on This Date in Past Years
Soundtrack to Your Life (for this hour, at least)
Special Primate Edition
Kind of light on today's birthdays (Joni James?), so more of recent passings-on, and some new Lost & Found-related CDs in the WMBR RL..
All new stuff, starting out with a whole lotta soul - call it the 'For Your Pleasure Annex'
salsa na' ma'... uh, well, with some crazy other stuff
Fruition perform at 9:30am
Hits from the week of September 30, 1963
There's a small playlist.
nite jewel + how to dress well interview
...and the days grow short...
Music Recorded on This Date in Past Years
OK all you Pleasure-seekers it's the first of three weeks of strong fill-ins so cuddle up because while we may not have Ray we do have plenty of heat!
Chart from 3/17/1983 CFMB 1410 AM in Montreal, Canada
Please Tip Your Waitress
Strike While the Playlist's Hot